April 3rd 2014

Kevin Feddy Media is celebrating its first birthday and I thought I would use the milestone as an opportunity to share some thoughts and insights.

The time has flown by since I left the Manchester Evening News, where I’d been business editor for four years.

Looking back, I have learned a lot in the past 12 months – about myself, about being an entrepreneur and about business in general. Most of it has been extremely positive, I’m pleased to say.

I’ve worked with some fantastic people in a range of sectors, putting my acquired skills to good use and learning some new ones.

One of the biggest things that has become apparent is the growing importance of social media. LinkedIn, in particular, has put me in touch with a number of new clients, while Twitter is a great way to get releases noticed by a huge audience.

I’ve realised how valuable my journalistic skills are, to clients and editors alike, when it comes to spotting an interesting story angle, writing a coherent release and meeting reporters’ deadlines.

I received a lovely email from a business magazine editor the other day. I had a few releases to send him about various clients for his latest issue, and he wrote back saying he is always happy to receive stuff from me because he doesn’t have to rewrite it!

Along the way this year I’ve picked up a few memorable mantras.

Mark Mills, chairman of my client, accountancy firm HURST, talks about “the benefit of the benefit”.

This is a key part of my message to clients and prospective clients – as well as gaining profile, meaningful PR generates more buzz about a business, and can translate into sales.

I’m always mindful of how to best help them achieve growth through their PR, through tailored releases which hit their target audiences.

“It’s about the customer, not you” was a line I picked up at a networking meeting. More on networking another time but the saying rings true. I’m growing my business but my focus is on achieving great results for my clients.